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I just retired an old murray mower and decided to finish a project I started on in 1997. It is the lost mini gator, SR22

8HP Briggs electric start and tec. hydro.

 most of the fab is done just need to finish the steering and wire it up. not too high tech but it beats carring the cooler and boat battery down to the lake

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Kel Anthony
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Oh, I'd like to get y hands on something like that, ha ha ha.

Looks like a fun project!!




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Way cool !

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That thing is cool.
I been tinkering with the idea of making a utility cark type machine for moving about engines, parts, plants etc.  Got a couple of spare tractor chassis's I could mess with


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that looks like it could be a handy toy to have. i should biuld somthing on that order to help with the chores around here



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Sure beats spending a ton on an atv.  Has serious potential.....


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can you send me a few more pictures of that

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