Mark's Poker Run Tractor. Mark's Poker Run Tractor. As it sat in the barn... 119330575 119330576 18hp opposed Briggs will make a cool Hot rod motor! 119330577 Teardown.... 119330578 Stripped.. 119330579 Starting on engine rebuild.. 119330580 Fixing rusty stuff, and strengthening with angle iron... 119330581 119330582 119330583 coming together.... 119330584 New custom adjustable steering parts.... 119330585 60's "Rat Rod" Dragster look... 119330586 119330587 Tapper for shifter lever.... 119330588 At the 2010 Sheridan IL Annual Lawn Tractor Poker Run. I got LOTS of attention with this tractor!! 119330589 Packed up and heading home after Poker Run... 119330590 Me on the Poker Run... 119330591 119330592