martinstiens martinstiens base unit cub cadet 2164 2000 series hydro drive system before starting modifcation 146155985 frame before cleaning 146155986 frame after cleaning before frame modifcation 146155987 engine honda liquid cool two cylinder fitting engine for frame mount on r/r 146155988 frame modifcation frame extended and rewelded painted . also note raditator mounts. 146155989 engine mounted and rad. installed before installing front axle . 146155990 custom rear wheel rims before priming 146685223 rear rim after priming 146685224 completed wheel painted rim cub white and tire mounted 146685225 side view tires all mounted before redesign front wheels 146685226 backside of rear fender before mounting plates built up 146831152 rear fender bracket raised fender and seat brackets 4" for tire clearance,welded and primed 147081401 fender brackets painted cub yellow 147081402 custom built front wheel hubs #1 designed hubs to use bolt on rims 147471668 picture #2 front hub front view 147471669 front rim center cut out next pics front rim 15 in w/ center cut out 147486546 oem rim cadet 12 inch back side bead cut off then grinded off. 147486547 front rim welded together front rim finished product before cleaning and painting 147486548 front rims assemblies assembled and primed ready for paint self etching primer 147804981 rear fender under base coat BEFORE painting cub yellow 148003697 front rims assemblies painted cub cadet white ready for tires 148004129 rear fender AFTER repainting cub yellow 148077887 rear fender seat installed and cup holder reinstalled , temp front tires 148662636 side view custom cub cadet decal, correct tire size being used 148662637 foot pan foot pan in primer 149464431 foot pan painted cub cadet yellow 149464430