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              Help spread the word for a girl in need.

Abby Swallow age 13, is in serious

condition with severe head injuries after an accident involving her horse this past June 4th. 2014.

Abby and her mother were bringing the horse in from the pasture,on Church Road,in the town of West Kewaunee at 4:40 in the afternoon. The horse was suddenly startled,took off and collided with Abby and was thrown against a tree.

Abby was airlifted by Eagle 3 medical helicopter to a Green Bay hospital,where she underwent emergency brain surgery. She was then transferred the following day to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee, where she is being treated for multiple head injuries. 

This benefit will help the family cover medical expenses and much needed help.


JonnyWayne and Kerri's

Little Off The Top Lawn Care

Family owned and operated.

Landrum, South Carolina

 Cost to build so far
 Aug - 23rd 2014 = $220.00 
  World Wide Radio
 "Mr.High Roller" 
CB Channel: 21 Station 396 
 Kewaunee County - Wisconsin
  WARNING: Any mods copied from this website is at your own risk. We are not
 responsible for any would be copy-cat builders, or harm done to themselves 
or others, property, or death due to their build failures,stunts, 
or inexperience.

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Hot Rod Toyz est 2005